A magical Mediterranean island with a fantastic history, unique cultural heritage and laid-back lifestyle.

Centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea the island of Malta is well known especially having joined the European Union a few years ago. However, mention the word Gozo to anyone outside the Maltese Islands and most probably you will get a blank stare.

Not that we are complaining – our island measures only 9 miles by 5 miles. This small size, among other things, has managed to keep this tiny rock off most maps preserving ancient cultures. Gozo shares many attributes with its large sister, Malta, including amazing weather, friendly English-speaking residents and driving on the left side of the road. However, the two islands couldn’t be more different. Once you leave bustling, cosmopolitan Malta, board the ferry to Gozo and land at Mgarr Harbour, you will immediately be swept away by the old-world charm the island offers.

Green valleys and crystal clear beaches are always within a fifteen minute drive. Hiring a car and exploring the beaches, coves and natural beauty of Gozo is a must. Visit the ancient Citadel in Victoria, richly-decorated churches and what about a visit to the 5000 year old Ggantija Temples in Xaghra?

Once you have done the touristy bit, sit down in one of the cafes located in the village squares, take a deep breath and watch the world go by. Just like the island’s natural beauty the locals are warm and welcoming. Many first-time visitors fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle the locals enjoy.

Forward thinking and industrious, Gozitans keep up with the times. The island is serviced by a well-run bus service and the infrastructure is constantly being upgraded. The tourism industry is booming and this is slowly putting Gozo on the map. Despite constant progress the island – through careful planning restrictions – has managed to keep its charm. We enjoy a very high standard of living and with our famous Mediterranean climate it is no wonder many Northern Europeans are upping sticks and integrate easily in our way of life.